Thinking at the Limits of the Possible: An Invitation


Dalia Antonia Caraballo Muller
Associate Professor, Department of History
(Affiliated UB Faculty)

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In today’s world we are faced with seemingly insurmountable global challenges which can inspire in us numbness, depression, anger and frustration. As an educator. I believe that we can and we must find ways to empower our students to face the impossible in the interest of social and planetary good. Luckily, history provides many examples of individuals and communities who not only survived the hardest of circumstances, but also generated new ideas under extreme duress. The Impossible Project is a learning experience that helps university students build the foundational skills needed to take on global challenges in our 21st-century world: radical collaboration, collective resilience and bold and border-defying creativity.

Here is a link to a video of the talk.


November 13, 2020


Creative Mornings

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