No Longer an Afterthought, Infusing Ethics Synergistically Into Courses


Jennifer Winikus

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Ethics has been a cornerstone of accreditation for many programs for years. Recently the Mozilla Foundation set forth the Responsible CS Challenge that was awarded to 17 programs around the United States to address the need to create a healthier internet by leveraging education. As part of our award at the University at Buffalo, we infused ethics into several existing courses across a computer science and engineering curriculum without redesigning the course. By not having to start over, it becomes more efficient and attractive to infuse ethics. This approach has also allowed for the integration of ethics to fit more naturally to the course content. You will learn more about the our Responsible CS Challenge Award, how to identify ethical ideas that complement your course, and create a plan to infuse those ideas to enhance the learning outcomes of your course.


November 10, 2020




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